We use a database of 300 qualified translators and linguists who together translate and review over 80 languages. Our translators have many years’ experience, plus for the most part a professional background in the industry or industries they have chosen to specialise in. The range of specialist knowledge means we can link the right expertise to your project: a translator and a reviewer who understand your company’s terminology and difficult jargon. Be it with regard to a technical text for the manufacturing industry or a creative translation for the advertising industry, we have the resources the assignment calls for. Your translation is localised and given the right style and register, and linguistic idioms are adapted so your message is conveyed to the target group clearly and unambiguously.

Using flexible solutions we offer the service and assistance that best meet your requirements and budget. This means, for example, that if your text is long and you need it urgently, we can use several translators for one and the same assignment. Thanks to our extensive experience of big projects and our excellent procedures for them, we can guarantee optimum quality and linguistic uniformity.

We have customers within all sectors of industry & commerce and the public sector. You will find examples of these customers here, where you can also read about the assignments we work on.

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Translation and layout work (DTP)

Translation often affects the volume. This means tables and images may need changing and the number of pages adjusting. If the translation also involves a different script directionality the graphical process can quickly become time‑consuming and complicated.

We can help with the layout work, and offer translation and DTP as a package. The text is translated, inserted into the document and reviewed, so all you need to do when you receive it is order the printing or publish the material online. You will save time, and will be guaranteed an end result that looks good and is of a high quality.

Whilst translation is our main activity, apart from DTP we also offer other services such as language review, proofreading and transcription.


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